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Bird Collisions: Current Science and Future Opportunities

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The USGS Eastern Ecological Science Center Bird Banding Lab webinar on the threat of bird collisions, current science and future opportunities. It is estimated that over 1 billion birds are killed annually by collisions with glass every year in the United States. This webinar will provide an overview on the threat of bird collisions, the state of the science, how the USFWS is taking the lead to reduce the number of bird collisions at federal buildings across the U.S.; and management approaches and partnering opportunities to better combat this issue!


  • Dr. Scott R Loss, Associate Professor of Global Change Ecology and Management Department of Natural Resource Ecology, Oklahoma State University
  • Pamela Toschik, Assistant Regional Director, Division of Migratory Birds, Northeast Region, US Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Dr. Joelle Gehring, Biologist, Division of Bird Conservation, Permits, and Regulations, Migratory Bird Program, US Fish & Wildlife Service Headquarters.


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