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Climate Science Champions, Season 1: Vijay Patil, Wildlife Biologist (AD)

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Detailed Description

Wildlife Biologist Vijay Patil explores the effects of climate change and shifting seasons on Arctic-nesting waterfowl.

The Arctic is warming twice as rapidly as the rest of the planet. This can create a seasonal mismatch for migratory bird species that nest there. Birds arriving to breeding grounds after the snow has melted may find that they missed out on resources their chicks need to survive. USGS researchers are studying the effects of these changes on Arctic-nesting waterfowl, which are an important food resource for northern Alaskan communities. One species in particular, the snow goose, appears to be profiting from less snow in the Arctic in the short-term: Earlier-than-average spring thaw is allowing snow goose populations to increase dramatically in Arctic Alaska. This creates the potential for indirect effects of warming on Arctic ecosystems, such as increased grazing pressure and competition between snow geese and other Arctic-nesting species. 

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