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Climate Science Champions, Season 2: Kira Mizell, Research Oceanographer (AD)

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Detailed Description

Research Oceanographer Kira Mizell studies changes in ocean chemistry by collecting marine minerals, looking for insights into past climate conditions and geologic history.

The world’s oceans are in constant flux, influencing—and being influenced by—Earth’s climate. One way USGS researchers study changes in ocean chemistry over geologic time is by collecting marine minerals known as ferromanganese crusts. These minerals grow slowly on the seafloor over millions of years, building layers and accumulating metals as they precipitate from seawater. The study of ferromanganese crusts provides insights into past climatic conditions and geologic history. For example, ferromanganese crusts record the intensity of erosion on land by rivers and along the coast, as well as changes to ocean circulation and biological activity levels in ocean surface waters.

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Video is Public Domain.

Music: “On the Sleeping Shores” by Chaxti, “Leaving Serengeti” by Ooyy, used with permission from Epidemic Sound.

Additional media courtesy of North Atlantic Stepping Stones/Ocean Exploration/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Additional media used with permission from Envato Elements.