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Climate Science Champions Season 3: Jeremy Littell, Research Ecologist (AD)

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Detailed Description

Research Ecologist Jeremy Littell explores how Alaska’s melting glaciers affect the region’s famously productive salmon fisheries. 

Many of Alaska’s watersheds are defined by the icy glacial meltwaters that re-charge the rivers and streams each spring. But climate change is causing glaciers to melt at unprecedented rates, fundamentally altering the way water moves through Alaskan ecosystems. Jeremy Littell, Research Ecologist with the Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center, is exploring how changing glacial landscapes in Alaska are affecting one of the area’s most valued species: salmon. His work combines hydrology and ecology to understand how new climate and river conditions may impact cold-adapted salmon, and seeks to develop strategies for preserving salmon populations in the future.  

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Public Domain.

Music: “Soaring” by Brandon Moeller and “Sweeping Grounds” by Major Tweaks, used with permission from Epidemic Sound.

Additional footage used with permission from Envato Elements.