Downloading the Style Template and Topo Map Vector Data Products

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This is lesson 12, Downloading the Style Template and Topo Map Vector Data Products. This lesson consists of a series of videos intended to introduce the user to the Topo TNM Style Template and the Topo Map Vector Data products. We will discuss the how and why they are needed and used. We will show you where to download the Template and the various products. Finally, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to set the Template up for use.


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This is Lesson 12 - Downloading the Style Template and Topo Map Vector Data Products

In this lesson you will learn how to:

  • Download The Topo TNM Style Template
  • Download the Topo Map Vector Data Products

The Topo TNM Style Template may be linked to any National Map data source.  However, for best results in symbolization and labeling, it is recommended that you use the Topo Map Vector Data products.  These products are being produced and are available now for download from TNM Download Client.


Go to the National Map Data Download and Visualization Services webpage and click on “GIS Data Download”. Click on The Topo Map Data and Topo Stylesheet box. A thumbnail image appears with a link to the Style Template zip file.  Create a directory and click on the Stylesheet zip file to download it to the directory.  The zip file contains the Style Template, tailoring data contained in a file geodatabase and tailoring instructions in a PDF document.

Click on the “Description” and download the documents containing Frequently Asked Questions and the metadata for the Style Template in the 3 formats provided.  You can download each by right clicking on the links and “save link as”.

Once you have successfully downloaded the files, unzip the Style Template and open the Style template in your Esri ArcMap. The Style Template is intended to depict geographic features on the surface of the earth. It has been developed by the USGS for GIS and cartographic experts who have a requirement to analyze geospatial data and to develop custom maps based upon a template in a GIS-ready format that emulates the US Topo Map specifications. The intended use of the Style template is different than that for the published US Topo Maps. The Style Template is intended for end users to create specialized, tailored maps. It is not intended to precisely duplicate the published maps.

The Style template may be used for tasks that may include (but are not limited to) adding or removing data layers; changing symbology; creating and editing annotation features; perform GIS analysis using base data layers and user-generated data layers; and updating or adding text information and marginalia.

Now let’s download a Topo Map Vector Data Product.  To do this go back to the National Map Data Download page.

Zoom to your area of interest and click on the “show availability” link.  You can also search for a 1:24,000 quadrangle or other locations using the search box.  Please note that the vector products may not yet be available for some areas. 

Click on the “Draw Point” tool and then click on a quadrangle.  Click on the file Geodatabase radio button under Products Search Filter, then click on “Find Products”

The selected products will be shown on the left side of the screen.  You can view the footprint, thumbnail and zoom to the footprint.  You can also click on the metadata link to view information about the product.

Download and unzip the topo map vector data product for this quadrangle to the directory created earlier

The next video will show you how to load and configure the Topo Map Vector Data products into the Stylesheet. 

This concludes lesson 12 downloading the style template and topo map vector data products