Fly Over the Seafloor: Central California — Bolinas to Pescadero

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Detailed Description

Virtual fly-through over the seafloor of Central California near San Francisco as if the water was drained from the ocean. The movie flies out of San Francisco Bay pausing over a field of large sand waves west of the Golden Gate, and then up to the Bolinas area revealing folded and fractured bedrock. The movie then turns south flying down the coast past Pacifica and towards Half Moon Bay again revealing folded and fractured bedrock beneath the Maverick's surf break. The movie finishes by flying over very complex seafloor of folded bedrock, fault scarps, and ripple scour depressions south of Half Moon Bay and offshore San Gregorio State Beach. The seafloor is colored for depth with reds and oranges representing shallower regions and dark blues and purples representing deeper regions.


Team: USGS; NOAA; California State University, Monterey Bay, Seafloor Mapping Lab; and California Seafloor Mapping Program

Relevance: The high-resolution bathymetry data displayed in this virtual fly-through help researchers, coastal-zone managers, and other stakeholders better understand the coastal environment including identifying hard-bottom substrates, such as natural outcrops that support reef communities; prediction of sediment and contaminant budgets and transport; and to assess earthquake and tsunami hazards in the region.

Method: Publically available bathymetry data from various sources were imported into a Geographic Information System (GIS) and combined with onshore Digital Elevations Models (DEM's) and Digital Ortho-Photo Quads (DOQ's). The flight path and movie were created using the Fledermaus software package (QPC).

Start Year: 2009

End Year: 2009

Year Comp: 2009

Date Taken:

Length: 03:04:00

Location Taken: CA, US