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How to Use NextGen WaterAlert

Video Transcript
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Detailed Description

The Water Data for the Nation team in USGS's Water Resources Mission Area has modernized our nationwide alert service: WaterAlert. With WaterAlertyou can subscribe to text or email alerts for recent water conditions that matter most to you.

Next Generation WaterAlert offers greater customization and a modernized interface. Read more on our blog.


00:00 Sign in to WaterAlert

00:21 Create account

00:39 Sign in as USGS employee

01:03 Create alert

02:27 Choose a parameter & threshold

03:46 Modify an alert

05:34 Delete an alert


In this video:

  • NextGen WaterAlert is LIVE!
  • All new capabilities within NextGen
  • #LiveDemo - How to create, modify, and delete alerts


Legacy WaterAlert will be decommissioned after September 30th, 2022.

Users of Legacy WaterAlert may wonder what will happen to their alerts as this NextGen system replaces the Legacy system.

Legacy users should have received an email or text from us with a link to transition their alerts to the NextGen system. This transition must be completed by the user before September 30th or their Legacy alerts will disappear. Read more on our blog.


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