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NextGen Water Data Update: Monitoring Location Pages & WaterAlert

Video Transcript
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Detailed Description

The Water Data for the Nation team at USGS Water Resources Mission Area has updates about two Next Generation products: Monitoring Location Pages and WaterAlert.

00:00 Start

00:11 Water Data for the Nation

00:28 The case for modernization

01:10 NWISWeb is modernized into WDFN

01:43 Agile development process

03:11 Pardon the dust!

03:36 Legacy Current-Conditions Pages

04:15 NextGen Monitoring Location Page DEMO

04:58 Redirecting to NextGen Pages in September 2022

05:57 Decommissioning Legacy Pages in July 2023

06:38 Multi-station feature: become a usability tester

07:06 Decommissioning Legacy Pages in July 2023

07:43 Legacy WaterAlert

08:28 NextGen WaterAlert

09:13 3 simple steps to transition

09:24 Transition step 1

09:34 Using

09:57 Transition step 2

10:19 Transition step 3

10:51 Key takeaways

11:22 Ways to connect with us

In this video:

  • Key background info about water data display modernization
  • Updates about NextGen Monitoring Location Pages
  • #Demo of new features for NextGen Monitoring Location Pages
  • Updates about NextGen WaterAlert
  • 3 simple steps to transition to NextGen WaterAlert

USGS Monitoring Location Pages provide the public direct access to the water data from across the nation that USGS collects. USGS WaterAlert is a notification service, alerting users based on the criteria they select, like if gage height is above certain flood levels.

Learn more on the USGS Water Data for the Nation blog.

NextGen Monitoring Location Pages went live in March. Legacy Current Conditions Pages are now planned to redirect to NextGen Monitoring Location Pages in September 2022 and Legacy Current Conditions Pages are planned to be decommissioned in July 2023. Check this blog post for details.

NextGen WaterAlert transition period for all users is anticipated to open in August 2022 and close in the end of September.

Users must transition their alerts to the NextGen system during the designated transition window. After the transition window closes, legacy subscription information will no longer be accessible. In this circumstance, users can re-create their alerts from scratch in the new system. The timeline for transition is estimated and may be subject to change – check this blog for the most up to date and accurate information about the WaterAlert transition.

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