Image of the Week: Deforestation in Peru

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Landsat helps document large-scale deforestation in Peru.
The widespread land change is captured over the past few decades.


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Large areas within the Amazon
rain forest have undergone

large-scale deforestation
over the past few decades,

and Landsat has helped record
this widespread land change.

The Amazon rain forest is
lush green in these images

about 25 miles northwest of
Pucallpa along the Aguaytia River.

Deforested land is light
green or pink.

Two large-scale oil palm
plantations, which began

development in 2012, dominate
the 2016 Landsat image.

But also noticeable are pink areas
scattered throughout this image.

Landsat data provide enough
detail to detect deforestation 

and tell whether it's large- or
small-scale agriculture, road

construction or pasture land.
Monitoring where deforestation

is occurring nearly as it happens
can help control

protected natural areas.