Image of the Week - Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana

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Off the coast of Louisiana, the small Isle de Jean Charles has nearly been swallowed by the ocean. Only about 2% of the land mass remains compared to it's size in the 1950s.


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Location Taken: LA, US


A USGS report estimates that
Louisiana lost over

land from 1932 to 2016.

Marshland, which served as
protection against storms,

has been carved up for oil 
and gas production, leaving

it open to
saltwater intrusion.

These factors have an
immediate effect on

Isle de Jean Charles, about

The island has lost 98 percent
of its landmass since the 1950s.

Once 5 miles wide, barely a
half-square mile of the island

remains above water.

Landsat’s 30-meter resolution
shows the land loss to the wider

delta region and a
high-resolution aerial photo

from 1963 and a Sentinel-2
image from 2017 show the

change more closely.