Hurricane Irene

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Hurricane Irene, peaking as a Category 3 hurricane, battered Carribean Islands and U.S. states all along the eastern seaboard from South Carolina to Maine on August 21-29, 2011.

The USGS deployed stage sensors and rapid deployment real-time streamgages along the East Coast in anticipation of Hurricane Irene. USGS measurements and geospatial products are valuable tools for providing scientific assessments to decision makers both during the event and for future planning after the event.

August 2011 Hurricane Irene Flood Event Viewer

The USGS Flood Event Viewer provides access to USGS monitoring activities during Hurricane Irene.

The USGS Flood Event Viewer helps USGS and its partners to track of the storm and its impact on surface water levels. A storm track field is included from NOAA's National Hurricane Center, and real-time USGS streamgage data and Rapid Deployment Gage data are linked through this map-based product.

Storm Surge Sensors are also shown that record fine-resolution storm tide and wave level data. This data became available on the viewer as soon as it was safe to retrieve the sensors and upload the data. In addition, imagery was provided from the National Geodetic Survey.

Following the event, high-water mark (HWM) data was added to the map by field crews soon after collection, including survey data and photos.


Rapid Deployment Gage Weblinks
Site Number Site Name Latitude Longitude County State Unit
37230076201100 RDG at East Mercury Blvd at Hampton, VA 37.0416667 -76.0363889   Virginia RDG
384031075041601 Reheboth Beach RDG 38.67519 -75.0711 Sussex Delaware RDG
2092162 Neuse River at New Bern, NC 35.1094444 -77.0327778 Craven North Carolina RDG
380906075045201 RDG at Assategue State Park 38.25 -75.1333333 Worchester Maryland RDG
4038360731548 RDG on Captree Island 40.643284 -73.263336   New York RDG
4032340740802 RDG on Staten Island 40.542767 -74.134026   New York RDG
RDG3NY   40.6433889 -73.2633333   New York RDG
1071540 Brank River At Maple Street, at Union, NH 43.4942468 -71.026454   New Hampshire RDG
1073840 Taylor River at I-95, near Hampton, NH 42.9336111 -70.8633333   New Hampshire RDG
1091750 Piscataquog River @ Nazaire-Biron Br Nr Manchester NH 42.9928617 -71.4956233   New Hampshire RDG
392114075325901 RDG at Smyrna River on Rt. 9, DE 39.354 -75.5497222   real-time RDG RDG


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