North and South Carolina Atlantic Coastal Plain aquifer system

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The Atlantic Coastal Plain sediments in North and South Carolina consist of unconsolidated sand, silts, and clays along with crystalline carbonate units of Late Cretaceous, Tertiary, and Quaternary age that unconformably overlie consolidated crystalline bedrock of Paleozoic and Triassic age.

WAUSP Northern Atlantic Coastal Plain Aquifer System photo 13

Aquifers and confining units located in the Atlantic Coastal Plain of North Carolina and Virginia are part of the Northern Atlantic Coastal Plain aquifer system. In South Carolina, aquifers and confining units in the Atlantic Coastal Plain sediments are part of either the Southeastern Coastal Plain aquifer system or the Floridan aquifer system. The aquifer system in North and South Carolina was divided into 17 hydrogeologic units.

The data files listed below are supplemental to Groundwater Availability in the Atlantic Coastal Plain of North and South Carolina (USGS Professional Paper 1773). The report includes a description of methods used to derive the data.


Click on the links below to download files for this aquifer. For information about the available file types, see Aquifer data: Explanation of spatial data formats.

Borehole Data:    Metadata    Shapefile     Text File

Hydrogeologic Unit Extents:    Metadata

  • Surficial aquifer    Shapefile
  • Yorktown/Upper Floridan confining unit     Shapefile
  • Yorktown/Upper Floridan aquifer     Shapefile
  • Castle Hayne/Middle Floridan confining unit     Shapefile
  • Castle Hayne/Middle Floridan aquifer     Shapefile
  • Beaufort/Gordon confining unit     Shapefile
  • Beaufort/Gordon aquifer     Shapefile
  • Peedee/Crouch confining unit     Shapefile
  • Peedee/Crouch aquifer     Shapefile
  • Black Creek/McQueen Branch confining unit     Shapefile
  • Black Creek/McQueen Branch aquifer     Shapefile
  • Upper Cape Fear/Charleston confining unit     Shapefile
  • Upper Cape Fear/Charleston aquifer     Shapefile
  • Lower Cape Fear/Gramling confining unit     Shapefile
  • Lower Cape Fear/Gramling aquifer     Shapefile
  • Lower Cretaceous confining unit and aquifer (North Carolina only)     Shapefile

Hydrogeologic Unit Surfaces:    Metadata    Shapefile    Text file