Portland, Oregon

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Real-Time Data

Instrument installation at this site took place during the summer and fall of 2006. These instruments are used to monitor and detect changes in local conditions, including

Measurements are taken at 15-minute intervals and data are transmitted daily and displayed on graphs that are updated daily.

Landslides in the West Hills of Portland pose a hazard to people and property. In February 1996, a major storm induced hundreds of landslides in the West Hills. Smaller numbers of landslides occur every few years during extended rainy periods and intense storms.

Data collection at this site supports research on hydrologic factors that control landslide initiation. In many landslide-prone hillsides, infiltration of water from rainfall or snowmelt increases ground-water pressures. These elevated pressures can, in turn, induce landslide movement.


Installation of monitoring instruments in Portland hills

Installation of Portlands monitoring sites instruments for measuring rainfall, ground water pressure, soil temperature, soil water content, and battery. 

(Public domain.)


Photograph showing installation of a tensiometer at the Portland monitoring site.

Installation of a tensiometer at the Portland monitoring site. 

(Public domain.)