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The Anchialine Biogeochemistry Research Team has returned to the Yucatan Peninsula Mexico to continue investigating how life persists within underwater coastal caves beneath the tropical forest.

The most recent publication authored by field team members David Brankovits of the USGS and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, John Pohlman of the USGS and Jake Emmert of Moody Gardens describes how rainfall and other external factors support a methane-based ecosystem within the caves of this subterranean estuary.  For this expedition we have developed collaborations with Joshua Dean of the University of Liverpool, Jana Milucka of the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology and Moritz Lehmann of the Universität Basel to delve deeper into the mysteries of this fascinating ecological habitat and critical groundwater resource.  

Photograph of USGS personnel preparing to dive in Yucatan Peninsula
USGS personnel preparing to dive in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Photograph of USGS personnel collecting water samples in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Collecting water samples in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

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