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Blizzard of January 2018 in New England

January 15, 2018

Significant flooding along the coast of Massachusetts occurred Thursday, January 4, 2018, caused by a powerful blizzard.  Peak storm surge of approximately 3.00 feet occurred at the astro high tide; and, according to the National Weather Service, is the highest since records began at the Boston tide station in 1921. 

Storm surge reached approximately 3.50 feet up to a couple of hours after the high tide in and around the area.

The Aquarium Subway Station near the Seaport District had to be shut down, because water started pouring in the subway.

Snowfall totals in Massachusetts neared 18 inches, according to the National Weather Service records.  Boston snowfall totaled 13.4 inches.  Lexington snowfall totaled 17.0 inches.  Taunton snowfall totaled 17.6 inches.

Five teams of USGS hydrographers were in the field January 6-7, 2018 flagging high water marks in several heavily impacted communities, including: Revere, Winthrop, Boston, Quincy, Hull, Scituate, and Marshfield.

A news clip from NBC Boston (filmed and interviewed January 7, 2018, aired on television January 8, 2018) can be found at the following link:

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