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Gregory J Stewart, P.E.

Greg Stewart is a Chief of the Hydrologic Monitoring Branch in the New England Water Science Center.

My work with the USGS started in 1990. During my time with the USGS I held a number of different positions and worked on a variety of projects. I started my career as a student working on any tasks from data entry to field construction. After college graduation I started as an entry level hydraulic engineer position working in the data and studies program. I have worked on many different projects focused on surface water hydrologic, hydraulic, and statistical studies. Starting in 1995 I worked on Flood Insurance Studies, authored many Flood Insurance Studies and several Flood recovery reports. In 2012 I became newly revitalized FEMA program coordinator for New England. As a manager, I became the Maine data section chief in 2002 and added the role of Maine study section chief in 2005. In 2015 I took on the role of chief, surface water hydrologic instigations section, for New England. I am a licensed professional engineer in the State of Maine.