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Please join us for a guest presentation by Josh Rosera on Wednesday, July 16th. 

Characteristic Mineral Commodities Associated with Caldera-Forming Magma Systems: New Insights from Proximity and Correspondence Analysis

Josh Rosera
University of North Carolina 
Chapel Hill 

"The ability to quickly and accurately characterize mineral deposits is becoming increasingly important as global
economies shift towards new technologies and international politics reshape existing global commodity trading
patterns. New emphasis is being placed on understanding associated or byproduct commodities that can be secured for
future resource potential. A simple workflow that utilizes existing spatial datasets, spatial analysis, and multivariate
data exploration techniques to rapidly evaluate many mineral groups relative to geological parameters is presented.
This technique is applied to caldera-forming magma systems, and demonstrates a spatial relationship exists between
calderas and Ag, Pb, Zn, F, and Hg-bearing deposits. Such a “big data” approach is a potentially useful tool for
evaluating trace mineralization, or the distribution of elements that are typically only byproducts."

Date: 11:00 AM ET, Wednesday, July 16, 2019

Where: USGS National Center, Reston VA, Room 3C129

GS Talk:

Phone: 703-648-4848 Code:755736