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Friday's Findings - February 5 2021

January 25, 2021
Using Information from Global Climate Models to Inform Policymaking 

Date: February 5, 2021 from 2-2:30 p.m. eastern time

Speaker: Adam Terando, Research Ecologist, Southeast Climate Adaptation Science Center

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Crumbling blocks of permafrost along the Beaufort Coast.

Abstract: Climate change is a risk management challenge for society because of the uncertain consequences for natural and human systems across decades to centuries. Climate-related science activities within the USGS emphasize research on adaptation to climate change. This research helps inform adaptive management processes and planning activities within other DOI bureaus and by DOI stakeholders.

Global climate models are sophisticated numerical representations of the Earth’s climate system. Research groups from around the world regularly participate in a coordinated effort to produce a suite of climate models. This global effort provides a test bed to assess model performance and analyze projections of future change under various prescribed climate scenarios. These climate scenarios describe a plausible future outcome associated with a specific set of societal actions. Examining a range of projected climate outcomes based on multiple scenarios is a recommended best practice because it allows decision makers to better consider both short- and long-term risks and opportunities.