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LAGOS-US Research Platform

September 16, 2021

A new major research program for the interdisciplinary, continental-scale study of lakes through time, called LAGOS (Spanish for lakes), has been released.

The LAGOS-US Research Platform includes the 479,950 lakes and reservoirs > 1 ha in the 48 conterminous US states and tribes (figure below). The geospatial data are based on the NHD and NHDPlus HR. LAGOS-US includes 3 core data modules (LOCUS, GEO, LIMNO), an R package for easily accessing the core modules, GIS datafiles for all lakes and watersheds within the geographic extent, and the ArcGIS code to create many of the metrics in the LOCUS and GEO modules. Currently (as of August 2021) only some of the LAGOS-US Research Platform is available. Components of the platform will be made available as soon as possible. LAGOS-US also has additional extension modules (RESERVOIR, LAKE DEPTH, NETWORKS, LANDSAT) that the LAGOS team has created or is creating that are also described below. 

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