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Mapping Challenge Update (12/18/19): City / Town Hall Structures in UT, NM, & AZ

December 18, 2019

Here is the weekly update for this challenge!  If you're looking for a break from the snow and the cold, come take a virtual tour of the southwest while helping us to collect city/town hall structures! 

Both Utah and Arizona have several green points that need to be checked by a Peer Reviewer or Advanced Editor.  New Mexico and Arizona also have several points yet to be collected.  (Hint: search for Albuquerque's city hall, which is adjacent to the city-county building.  There are also some towns in NM and AZ that have a building designated for administrative purposes.)   

As for resources, the League of Arizona Cities and Towns and New Mexico Municipal League both provide a list of governing entities in each state.  Note that entries on these websites may be limited to members only.  To assemble a complete list of governing entities, see the American FactFinder Tutorial article in our November 2019 newsletter for additional tips on using American FactFinder.