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Mensa tour of Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center

On April 28, the San Francisco chapter of Mensa toured the Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center with research geologist Curt Storlazzi (also a Mensa member) and acting deputy director Nadine Golden.

Storlazzi gave the visitors an overview of the Center and showed them short videos about our scientists and their research: “Running Rivers,” “Hatching an Engineer,” and “What’s Drifting Beneath Kauai’s Ocean.” Next the group toured labs, where they viewed Jim Hein’s deep-ocean mineral samples and Nancy Prouty’s deep- and shallow-water coral samples. At the Marine Facility, Storlazzi showed the visitors vessels and field gear, highlighting instruments designed by Center staff, such as a towed camera sled, a radon-detection buoy, a video shoreline-imaging system, and a “beachball” camera system for analyzing grain size.

In a room with various charts and posters on the walls, people stand facing a man who is holding an object and talking.
Curt Storlazzi holds a slab of coral collected off Kauai, Hawaiʻi, for a study of factors affecting coral reef health.

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