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Seminar Dec 8th at 1 pm ET – Natural Capital Accounting: Results and Lessons Learned from Building Nature’s Value into National and Subnational Economic Accounts

When: Tuesday December 8, 2020 at 1:00 pm ET

Who: Ken Bagstad (USGS Geosciences & Environmental Change Science Center), Carl Shapiro (USGS Science & Decisions Center), Carter Ingram (Ernst & Young) 

Where: Click here to join the meeting

Natural capital accounting (NCA) is being used in dozens of countries globally and by the private sector to track changes in ecosystem services – the value nature provides to society. A working group funded by the Powell Center and National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) completed the first synthesis of natural resources and economic data needed to produce an initial set of NCAs for the United States at both national and subnational scales. Our approach aims to provide a rigorous and replicable assessment process to support more sustainable natural resource management for Federal agencies and the private sector. In this talk, we will describe 1) our approaches to quantifying changes in the supply, use, and value of land, water, ecosystems, and other assets to the U.S. economy, 2) lessons learned in the process, including both successes and remaining limitations to accurate NCA in the U.S., and 3) ongoing U.S. NCA work catalyzed by Powell Center/SESYNC support.  

Accounting for U.S. ecosystem services at national and subnational scales Working Group page

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