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The USGS Land Cover Trends Project releases field photos

The U.S. Geological Survery has has open a mapping portal call the Land Cover Trends Field Photo Map. This repository of geographically referenced photos were taken during the field trips for the Land Cover Trends Project.

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Geospatial Solutions newsletter icon(Public domain.)

The Geospatial solutions monthly newsletter published an article by Tracy Cozzens avertising the opening of the Land Cover Trends (Trends) Field Photo Map.  The photos graphs were taken as a part of the field work for the Trends project.  The geographical coordinates were taken when the photos were collected. Header information for each photograph was added to the photographs such as which state and ecoregional the photograph is in, plus descriptive  such as which land cover class is depicted in the photographs.  Both Chris Soulard and Jason Sherba were inteviewed for the article.…

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