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USGS WERC Researcher Wins Award for Reptile and Amphibian Conservation

SAN DIEGO—Dr. Robert Fisher wins Herpetological Conservation Award

Dr. Robert Fisher wins Herpetological Conservation Award

USGS WERC ecologist and herpetologist Dr. Robert Fisher recently received the 2019 Herpetological Conservation Award at this year’s Herpeton conference in San Diego. The award recognizes Fisher’s “outstanding contributions to the conservation of reptiles.” Fisher has been involved in reptile and amphibian conservation programs for decades. Fisher’s research program at USGS, based at the San Diego Field Station, explores ecology and conservation of amphibians and reptiles in Southern California and in the Pacific Basin Islands.

The Herpeton meeting focused on the future of the reptile amphibian pet trade and captive breeding, and Fisher has been active in promoting conservation and use of scientific information in this context. Fisher also gave a talk at the Herpeton meeting discussing social responsibility in the amphibian and reptile trade. The talk went over well with the crowd, mostly made up of reptile and amphibian breeders. “My talk was a bit different than the rest,” Fisher said after the meeting, “but they did call it ‘inspirational’ after I was done!”

USGS scientists help to build a conservation legacy through their research and by communicating their science to a variety of audiences.

Learn more about Dr. Robert Fisher’s amphibian and reptile research here.

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