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Webinar on Great Lakes programs targeting non-native Phragmites

February 21, 2019

The Phragmites Adaptive Management Framework serves as an example for other programs.

Kurt Kowalski (GLSC, Ann Arbor, Michigan) was invited to give a webinar titled "An International Collaborative and Adaptive Management Framework to Manage Invasive Phragmites in the Great Lakes Basin" as part of the USEPA Great Lakes National Program Office Interagency Ecological Restoration Quality Committee Webinar Series. The presentation will occur at 11am ET on February 28, 2019 and be the latest in a series of webinars exploring the collection of reliable data for ecological restoration projects funded by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Dr. Kowalski will highlight recent activities by the Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative ( and give an overview of thePhragmites Adaptive Management Framework (PAMF). These programs continue to learn from Phragmites management activities throughout the basin and move toward the development of data-driven best management practices.