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Fundamental Science Practices Information for New USGS Employees

March 2022

The information below is provided to help with new U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) employees’ awareness and understanding of Fundamental Science Practices (FSP) requirements related to developing, reviewing, approving, and releasing USGS scientific information, data, and software products.

USGS employees who conduct scientific investigations or prepare scientific information, data, and software products, as well as USGS managers responsible for such activities, are expected to familiarize themselves with the FSP and the specific FSP requirements and responsibilities associated with their roles. Adherence to FSP policies and procedures is necessary and required to ensure the quality and integrity of USGS science and that information products, including publications, data releases, and software releases, are well planned, efficiently prepared, adequately reviewed, and Bureau approved.

Refer to the public FSP website, which is managed by the FSP Advisory Council (FSPAC). The site includes links to FSP and related policy directives, comprehensive FSP guidance such as procedures and guidelines, frequently asked questions, and training modules, all of which aid in adhering to FSP requirements. Limited, but information important for new USGS employees is also available from the internal FSP website. The public FSP homepage also provides links to other science related resource information the USGS provides that is associated with FSP includes quality management for USGS laboratories, managing scientific collectionspublishing USGS information productsindexing information products in the Publications Warehousedata management, software management, and library services.

Questions about USGS FSP can be directed to the FSPAC at