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Mid-July 2022 Dr. Ariana Sutton-Grier came on board with USGS to be the next Program Coordinator for the Ecosystems Mission Area Climate Research & Development Program. Below is a brief message from her.

A big hello to all! I am thrilled to be the new Program Coordinator for the Climate Research & Development program at USGS, and I would like to briefly introduce myself here. I am an ecosystem ecologist and biogeochemist who has worked in a number of systems such as forests, intertidal ecosystems, and coastal ecosystems, including a large focus on wetlands (fresh and salty). I have studied carbon, nitrogen and iron dynamics and have worked in both natural and restored ecosystems. I am a big fan of multidisciplinary science and collaborations including with social scientists and engineers, as well as use-inspired science meant to inform societal natural resource management and policy needs. I have spent parts of my career in academia, the non-profit world, and in the federal government and I am very excited to now be at USGS. I grew up in Oregon but have lived in Maryland for 14 years. Please check-out more at my USGS staff profile and feel free to reach out by email.

two scientists talking
Dr. Ariana Sutton-Grier meets and talks with scientist Dr. Owen McKenna at workshop.

In my first few months in this position, I have learned an enormous amount about the agency, the Program, and all the exciting research it funds. I have the privileged position of being at the 5,000-foot level, getting to take-in and synthesize all the amazing publications, collaborations, and outreach our scientists are doing. For example, see the recent web article I helped write about some of the innovative paleo methods being developed by our scientists. One of my initial top priorities as the Program Coordinator is to make sure that folks inside and outside of USGS know about all the great science being done by the Program, and to raise the profile of the research this Program is doing. I plan to write more synthesis articles and web content so you will be hearing more from me in the future. In the meantime, I am honored and excited to be leading such a rich Program portfolio!   

 - Ariana


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