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List of recent USGS publications and data releases based on coastal and marine research.

This article is part of the June-July 2017 issue of the Sound Waves newsletter.

  • Achete, F., Van der Wegen, M., Roelvink, J.A., and Jaffe, B.E., 2017, How can climate change and engineered water conveyance affect sediment dynamics in the San Francisco Bay-Delta system?: Climatic Change, v. 142, p. 375–389. []

  • Barrera, K.E., and Robbins, L.L., 2017, Historical patterns of acidification and increasing CO2 flux associated with Florida springs: Limnology and Oceanography. []

  • Beeson, J.W., Johnson, S.Y., and Goldfinger, C., 2017, The transtensional offshore portion of the northern San Andreas fault—Fault zone geometry, late Pleistocene to Holocene sediment deposition, shallow deformation patterns, and asymmetric basin growth: Geosphere. []

  • Buster, N.A., Miselis, J.L., Okano, S., Gayes, P.T., Hill, J.C., 2017, Coastal geophysical data collected in 2016 nearshore Cape Canaveral, Florida: U.S. Geological Survey Data Release. []

  • Campbell, P.L., Prouty, N.G., Storlazzi, C., and D’antonio, N., 2017, The use of passive membrane samplers to assess organic contaminant inputs at five coastal sites in west Maui, Hawaii: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2017-1097, 26 p. []

  • Chuang, P.-C., Young, M.B., Dale, A.W., Miller, L.G., Herrera-Silveira, J.A., and Paytan, A., 2017, Methane fluxes from tropical coastal lagoons surrounded by mangroves, Yucatán, Mexico: Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, v. 122, p. 1156–1174. []

  • Costa, P.J.M., Gelfenbaum, G.R., Dawson, S., La selle Seanpaul, Milne, F., Cascalho, J., Ponte Lira, C., Andrade, C., Freitas, M.C., and Jaffe, B.E., 2017, The application of microtextural and heavy mineral analysis to discriminate between storm and tsunami deposits: Geological Society, London, Special Publications, v. 456. []

  • Couvillion, B.R., Beck, H., Schoolmaster, D., and Fischer, M., 2017, Land area change in coastal Louisiana (1932 to 2016): U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Map 3381. []

  • DeWitt, N.T., Stalk, C.A., Flocks, J.G., Bernier, J.C., Kelso, K.W., Fredericks, J.J., and Tuten, T., 2017, Single-beam bathymetry data collected in 2015 nearshore Dauphin Island, Alabama: U.S. Geological Survey Data Release. []

  • Doran, K.S., Long, J.W., Birchler, J.J., Brenner, O.T., Hardy, M.W., Morgan, K.L.M, Stockdon, H.F., and M.L. Torres, 2017, Lidar-derived beach morphology (dune crest, dune toe, and shoreline) for U.S. sandy coastlines: U.S. Geological Survey Data Release. []

  • Durner, G.M., Douglas, D.C., Albeke, S., Whiteman, J., Amstrup, S.C., Richardson, E., Wilson, R.R., and Ben-David, M., 2017, Increased Arctic sea ice drift alters adult female polar bear movements and energetics: Global Change Biology, v. 23, p. 3460–3473. []

  • Ellis, A.M., Marot, M.E., Smith, C.G., and Wheaton, C.J., 2017, The physical characteristics of the sediments on and surrounding Dauphin Island, Alabama: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 1046. []

  • Ellis, A.M., Shaw, J.E., Osterman, L.L., and Smith, C.G., 2017, Foraminiferal Data for Chincoteague Bay and the Marsh Deposits of Assateague Island and the Adjacent Vicinity, Maryland and Virginia: U.S. Geological Survey Data Release. []

  • Ellis, A.M., Wheaton, C.J., Smith, C.G., 2017, Archive of sediment physical properties and grain-size data for sediment samples collected offshore of Assateague Island, Maryland and Virginia: U.S. Geological Survey Data Release. []

  • Enwright, N.M., Borchert, S.M., Day, R.H., Feher, L.C., Osland, M.J., Wang, L., and Wang, H., 2017, Barrier island habitat map and vegetation survey—Dauphin Island, Alabama, 2015: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2017-1083, 28 p. []

  • Fisher, R.N., Niukula, J., Watling, D., and Harlow, P.S., 2017, A new species of iguana Brachylophus Cuvier 1829 (Sauria: Iguania: Iguanidae) from Gau Island, Fiji Islands: Zootaxa, v. 4273, p. 407–422. []

  • Foley, M.M., Bellmore, J., O’Connor, J.E., Duda, J., East, A., Grant, G.G., Anderson, C., Bountry, J.A., Collins, M.J., Connolly, P.J., Craig, L.S., Evans, J.E., Greene, S., Magilligan, F.J., et al., 2017, Dam removal—Listening in: Water Resources Research. []

  • Foley, M.M., Magilligan, F.J., Torgersen, C., Major, J.J., Anderson, C., Connolly, P.J., Wieferich, D., Shafroth, P.B., Evans, J.E., Infante, D.M., and Craig, L., 2017, Landscape context and the biophysical response of rivers to dam removal in the United States: PLoS ONE, v. 7. []

  • Foley, M.M., Warrick, J.A., Ritchie, A.C., Stevens, A., Shafroth, P.B., Duda, J., Beirne, M.M., Paradis, R., Gelfenbaum, G.R., McCoy, R., and Cubley, E.S., 2017, Coastal habitat and biological community response to dam removal on the Elwha River: Ecological Monographs. []

  • Fredericks, X., Kranenburg, C.J., Doran, K.S., 2017, EAARL coastal topography—northwest Florida, post-Hurricane Katrina, 2005: U.S. Geological Survey Data Release. []

  • Fredericks, X., Plant, N.G., 2017, Coastal topography–Assateague Island, Maryland and Virginia, post-Hurricane Hermine, 10-12 September 2016: U.S. Geological Survey Data Release. []

  • Fregoso, T., Wang, R.-F., Ateljevich, E., and Jaffe, B.E., 2017, A new seamless, high-resolution digital elevation model of the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary, California: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2017-1067, 1–27 p. []

  • Gaglioti, B.V., Mann, D.H., Wooller, M.J., Jones, B.M., Wiles, G.C., Groves, P., Kunz, M.L., Baughman, C., and Reanier, R.E., 2017, Younger-Dryas cooling and sea-ice feedbacks were prominent features of the Pleistocene-Holocene transition in Arctic Alaska: Quaternary Science Reviews, v. 169, p. 330–343. []

  • Gonneea, M., Cohen, A.L., DeCarlo, T.M., and Charette, M.A., 2017, Relationship between water and aragonite barium concentrations in aquaria reared juvenile corals: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, v. 209, p. 123–134. []

  • Hansen, M.E., DeWitt, N.T., and Reynolds, B.J., 2017, Archive of bathymetry data collected in South Florida from 1995 to 2015: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 1031. []

  • Henderson, R.E., Hapke, C.J., Brenner, O.T., and Reynolds, B.J., 2017, Hurricane Sandy beach response and recovery at Fire Island, New York—shoreline and beach profile data, October 2012 to September 2016: U.S. Geological Survey Data Release. []

  • Henderson, R.E, Nelson, P. R., Long, J.W., Smith, C., 2017, Vector shorelines and associated shoreline change rates derived from lidar and aerial imagery for Dauphin Island, Alabama—1940-2015: U.S. Geological Survey Data Release. []

  • Himmelstoss, E.A., Kratzmann, M.G., and Thieler, E.R., 2017, National assessment of shoreline change—Summary statistics for updated vector shorelines and associated shoreline change data for the Gulf of Mexico and Southeast Atlantic coasts: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2017-1015. []

  • Kellogg, C.A., West, A., and Runyon, C.M., 2017, Predation by Acanthurus leucopareius on black-band disease in Kauai, Hawaii: Bulletin of Marine Science, v. 93, p. 891–892. []

  • Koschinsky, A., and Hein, J., 2017, Marine ferromanganese encrustations—Archives of changing oceans: Elements, v. 13, p. 177–182. []

  • Kranenburg, C.J., Hardy, M.W., and Nagle, D.B., 2017, EAARL Coastal Topography—Cape Cod National Seashore, Massachusetts, 2002: U.S. Geological Survey Data Release. []

  • Kranenburg, C.J., Long, J.W., and Fredericks, X., 2017, EAARL Coastal Topography—Chandeleur Islands, Post-Hurricane Katrina, 2005: U.S. Geological Survey Data Release. []

  • Maier, K.L., Brothers, D., Paull, C.K., McGann, M., Caress, D.W., and Conrad, J.E., 2016, Records of continental slope sediment flow morphodynamic responses to gradient and active faulting from integrated AUV and ROV data, offshore Palos Verdes, southern California Borderland: Marine Geology. []

  • Maier, K.L., Paull, C.K., Brothers, D., Caress, D.W., McGann, M., Lundsten, E.M., Anderson, K., and Gwiazda, R., 2017, Investigation of late Pleistocene and Holocene activity in the San Gregorio fault zone on the continental slope north of Monterey Canyon, offshore central California: Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, v. 107, p. 1094–1106. []

  • Marot, M.E., Wheaton, C.J., and Smith, C.G., 2017, Seasonal sedimentary data collected from Old Tampa Bay, Florida, 2015–2016: U.S. Geological Survey Data Release. []

  • Martyr-Koller, R.C., Kernkamp, H.W.J., Van Dam, A.A., Mick van der Wegen, Lucas, L., Knowles, N., Jaffe, B., and Fregoso, T.A., 2017, Application of an unstructured 3D finite volume numerical model to flows and salinity dynamics in the San Francisco Bay-Delta: Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, v. 192, p. 86–107. []

  • McCloskey, T.A., Smith, C.G., Zaremba, N.J., McBride, E., and Everhart, C., 2017, Hydrological data concerning submarine groundwater discharge along the western margin of Indian River Lagoon, east-central Florida—December 2016 and January 2017: U.S. Geological Survey Data Release. []

  • Moulton, M., Elgar, S., Raubenheimer, B., Warner, J.C., and Kumar, N., 2017, Rip currents and alongshore flows in single channels dredged in the surf zone: Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, v. 122, p. 3799–3816. []

  • Muster, S., Roth, K., Langer, M., Lange, S., Cresto Aleina, F., Bartsch, A., Morgenstern, A., Grosse, G., Jones, B., Sannel, A.B.K., Sjoberg, Y., Gunther, F., Andresen, C., Veremeeva, A., et al., 2017, PeRL—A circum-Arctic Permafrost Region Pond and Lake database: Earth System Science Data, v. 9, p. 317–348. []

  • O’Neill, A., Erikson, L., and Barnard, P., 2017, Downscaling wind and wavefields for 21st century coastal flood hazard projections in a region of complex terrain: Earth and Space Science, v. 4, p. 314–334. []

  • Pendleton, E., Brothers, L., Thieler, E.R., and Sweeney, E., 2017, Sand ridge morphology and bedform migration patterns derived from bathymetry and backscatter on the inner-continental shelf offshore of Assateague Island, USA: Continental Shelf Research, v. 144, p. 80–97. []

  • Plant, N.G., Doran, K., and Stockdon, H.F., 2017, Examples of storm impacts on barrier islands: Chapter 4, in Coastal storms: Processes and impacts, Wiley, p. 65–79. []

  • Rogers, C.S., 2017, A unique coral community in the mangroves of Hurricane Hole, St. John, US Virgin Islands: Diversity, v. 9. []

  • Shah, A.K., Bern, C., Van Gosen, B.S., Daniels, D.L., Benzel, W.M., Budahn, J.R., Ellefsen, K.J., Karst, A., and Davis, R., 2017, Rare earth mineral potential in the southeastern U.S. Coastal Plain from integrated geophysical, geochemical, and geological approaches: GSA Bulletin. []

  • Storlazzi, C., Cheriton, O., Rosenberger, K., Logan, J., and Clark, T.B., 2017, Coastal circulation and water-column properties in the National Park of American Samoa, February–July 2015: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2017-1060, 113 p. []

  • Vargas-Angel, B., White, D., Storlazzi, C., Callender, T., and Maurin, P., 2017, Baseline assessments for coral reef community structure and demographics on West Maui: NOAA Data Report. []

  • Verdi, R.J., Lotspeich, R.R., Robbins, J.C., Busciolano, R.J., Mullaney, J.R., Massey, A.J., Banks, W.S., Roland, M.A., Jenter, H.L., Peppler, M.C., Suro, T.P., Schubert, C.E., and Nardi, M.R., 2017, The Surge, Wave, and Tide Hydrodynamics (SWaTH) network of the U.S. Geological Survey—Past and future implementation of storm-response monitoring, data collection, and data delivery: U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1431, 44 p. []

  • Vitousek, S., Barnard, P.L., Fletcher, C.H., Frazer, N., Erikson, L., and Storlazzi, C.D., 2017, Doubling of coastal flooding frequency within decades due to sea-level rise: Scientific Reports, v. 7, p. 1–9. []

  • Witter, R.C., LeWinter, A., Bender, A.M., Glennie, C., and Finnegan, D., 2017, Sculpted by water, elevated by earthquakes—The coastal landscape of Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska: U.S. Geological Survey General Information Product 177. []

  • Woodrow, D.L., John L. Chin, Wong, F.L., Fregoso, T., and Jaffe, B.E., 2017, Description of gravity cores from San Pablo Bay and Carquinez Strait, San Francisco Bay, California: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2017-1078. []

  • Yates, K.K., Zawada, D.G., Smiley, N.A., Tiling-Range, G., Resnick, J.P., 2017, Seafloor elevation change in Maui, St. Croix, St. Thomas, and the Florida Keys: U.S. Geological Survey Data Release. []


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