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2019 was a big year for deep-sea expeditions, and USGS was pleased to be a partner supporting our Nation in advancing our knowledge about these remote and unexplored areas of the Earth. In honor of National Ocean Month, we highlight USGS research from the deep sea.

The USGS has been busy working with an array of partners from other Federal agencies, private companies, academics, and international initiatives together focused on exploring the ocean areas. The missions have ranged from pure exploration and mapping of unknown areas to distinct followup efforts that have developed innovative technologies to sample, measure, and map the deep sea. We have collected enormous quantities of data and samples, there have been exciting new discoveries, and we are steadily filling in the “gaps in the maps” with every trip. Together these expeditions improve not only our understanding of the ocean but also provide greater understanding of our planet overall.

Dive into the Sound Waves Special Issue on Deep-Sea Research.