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Community tools for cartographic and photogrammetric processing of Mars Express HRSC images

January 1, 2020

In this chapter we describe the software we have developed for photogrammetric processing of images from the Mars Express High Resolution Stereo Camera (MEX HRSC) to produce digital topographic models (DTMs) and orthoimages, as well as testing we have performed. HRSC has returned images, including stereo and color coverage of most of Mars at decameter scales. The instrument team has developed an extremely powerful processing pipeline and delivered a large number of high-level data products, but our independent software is nevertheless of interest because it provides a check on the standard products, sheds light on the capabilities of software elements we use for multiple missions besides HRSC, and is publicly available, giving users the opportunity to make products that may not (yet) be released by the team and custom products such as local mosaics. We have tested our software on images of three areas: Candor Chasma and Nanedi Valles (both the subject of past DTM comparisons reported by Heipke et al., 2007) and Gale crater, which was extensively mapped at pixel scales 50 times finer than HRSC before its selection as the landing site of the Curiosity rover. We find the vertical precision and mean deviation from the altimetry data used as a control reference for our DTMs to be comparable to the nadir image pixel size. The horizontal resolution of the DTMs appears to be an order of magnitude coarser than the lower limit of 3–5 image pixels that is commonly stated.

Publication Year 2020
Title Community tools for cartographic and photogrammetric processing of Mars Express HRSC images
DOI 10.1201/9780429505997-9
Authors Randolph L. Kirk, Elpitha Howington-Kraus, Kenneth Edmundson, Bonnie L. Redding, Donna M. Galuszka, Trent M. Hare, K. Gwinner
Publication Type Book Chapter
Publication Subtype Book Chapter
Index ID 70212662
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse
USGS Organization Astrogeology Science Center