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Hydrologic and water-quality data for two small watersheds on Catoctin Mountain, North-Central Maryland, 1987-93

December 1, 1996

Hydrologic and water-quality data were collected from a precipitation-collection station and from two small watersheds on Catoctin Mountain, north-central Maryland, as part of investigations of acidic deposition and episodic acidification, and their effects on streamwater quality. Detailed descriptions of the site instrumentation in the watersheds, field data-collection techniques, and laboratory methods used to conduct the studies are included. Data that were collected on precipitation, throughfall, soil water, ground water, streamwater, and other surface and ground waters sampled during biannual synoptic surveys are given in tables. Data collected since October 1987 from one of the streamwater-quality monitoring sites and data collected since March 1988 from one of the ground-water quality monitoring sites are presented. Additional data collected since January 1987 from the precipitation station and data collected since June 1990 from all of the other water-quality monitoring sites are presented. Hydrologic data include tables of precipitation and throughfall quantities, streamflow, and synoptic measurements of ground-water levels. Selected hydrologic data are shown in graphs.