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Karen C. Rice, PhD

My research interests are in watershed biogeochemical processes, specifically in identifying the hydrologic and anthropogenic drivers of those processes. My research focuses on the status and trends of stream flow and stream-water quality in response to stressors, including air pollution, climatic variability, and anthropogenic land-use influences.  

Recent highlights of the impact of my science on society include invited speaking engagements at the Cosmos Club for the Geological Society of Washington, D.C.; a NASA-sponsored public panel discussion in Boulder, Co., along with Jim Hansen, Brian Toon, and Bill Nye (the Science Guy); multiple National Public Radio interviews and broadcasts; and news coverage in The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, USA Today, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Most of my research has been published in Environmental Science & Technology and Water Resources Research, but other outlets include Applied Geochemistry, Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Atmospheric Environment, Chemical Geology, Climatic Change, Earth Surface Processes and LandformsHydrological Processes, and Journal of Hydrology.

I hold a joint appointment as Research Hydrologist with USGS and Research Faculty in the Department of Environmental Sciences at University of Virginia.