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I3N risk assessment and pathway analysis: Tools for the prevention of biological invasions

January 1, 2011

Information on invasive alien species from published and unpublished accounts and databases is usually scattered in locations and formats that are not easily accessible. Customized informatics tools for collecting and organizing invasive species information can help resource managers better control biological invasions. The Invasives Information Network (I3N) of the Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network has created a distributed network of databases of invasive species profiles, subject matter experts, projects, and datasets hosted and published online by natural resource institutions throughout the Americas. Invasive species information is documented and published online in a standard format that can be searched by the public. Profiles and occurrence information on invaders can be documented using the I3N Database on Invasive Alien Species, published online using an easy-to-use template, and exchanged in standard formats. The I3N Risk Assessment and Pathway Analysis tools are designed to be used in conjunction with I3N Databases to assist decision-makers in setting priorities for containment. All these tools are freely available online at Coordinated by the United States Geological Survey National Biological Information Infrastructure, this network serves as an example of successful capacity building and regional collaboration on an issue of global significance.