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September 25, 2003

PubTalk 9/2003 — Beneath Crater Lake

An underwater volcanic landscape tells a complex tale

by Charles R. Bacon, Geologist
Visualizations presented by David W. Ramsey, Geologist


  • Crater Lake, a jewel of the National Park system, partly fills a caldera basin formed during a giant volcanic eruption 7,700 years ago
  • Deepest of all U.S.
August 28, 2003

PubTalk 8/2003 — Human Footprints on the Web of Life

Biodiversity and Increasing Population and Development in California

by Robert N.Fisher, Research Zoologist

  • Why does California lead the country in endangered species--why are so many reptiles and amphibians in decline?
  • Learn about the California lizard that keeps Lyme disease in check and the butterflies that prevented
July 31, 2003

PubTalk 7/2003 — Molten Paradise

Video Presentation and Discussion

Featuring the award-winning USGS video Molten Paradise-Kilaea Volcano by Stephen Wessells, introduced and discussed by Robert I. Tilling, Volcanologist


  • The dramatic nonstop Pu'u O'o eruption, now entering its 21st year
  • Rivers of glowing lava flow through underground
June 26, 2003

PubTalk 6/2003 — The Quakes, They Are A-comin'

New Estimates of Earthquake Hazard and Risk Across the Bay Region

By Michael Blanpied, Geophysicist


  • A USGS-led Working Group has used new ideas about Bay Area faults and earthquakes to revise the probabilities for future quakes
  • The slow movement of the Earth.s plates builds up stress that is relieved in violent
May 22, 2003

PubTalk 5/2003 — The National Map—Coming to Your Neighborhood!

Integrating and Sharing Geographic Information in the Public Domain

By Ken Osborn, Cartographer 


  • Begun by the USGS in 2001, The National Map is a 10-year vision for a seamless, constantly updated, national geospatial database
  • This vast public database will be continually updated through local
April 24, 2003

PubTalk 4/2003 — Gaia's Breath

Methane and the Future of Natural Gas

By Keith A. Kvenvolden, Geochemist 


  • The Earth--or "Gaia," the Earth Goddess of Ancient Greece-- exhales more than 1 million tons of methane each day
  • Mud volcanoes around the world emit about 5 million tons of methane each year as part of Gaia's breath
  • Energy
January 30, 2003

PubTalk 1/2003 — Exploring Mars

Recent Discoveries and Upcoming Missions

By Michael H. Carr, Planetary Geologist


  • Thirty years of Mars exploration have revealed a spectacularly diverse planet
  • Dry river valleys and layered sediments suggest a warm, wet past
  • Huge floods may have created transient oceans
  • Towering volcanoes, deep
December 12, 2002

PubTalk 12/2002 — Hawai`i's Volcanoes—Never a Dull Moment

20 Years of Eruption at Kilauea and Waiting for Mauna Loa

by Don Swanson,Volcanologist, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory


  • Kilauea's Pu'u O'o-Kupaianaha eruption, which began on January 3, 1983, is already the volcano's longest rift eruption in at least 600 years
  • Lava has destroyed 8 miles of highway and 189
November 21, 2002

PubTalk 11/2002 — What is a Butterfly Worth?

Challenge of Making Economic Estimates for Biodiversity

by Alicia Torregrosa, Geographer and Ecologist


  • How can we best strike a balance between vineyard development and wildlife in the Napa Valley?
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) facilitates comparing the "apples and oranges" of endangered species and the
October 24, 2002

PubTalk 10/2002 — Plumbing the Mysteries of the San Andreas Fault

Deep Drilling to Test Fundamental Theories About Faulting and Earthquakes

By Stephen H. Hickman, Geophysicist


  • Scientists will make measurements, obtain samples and place instruments directly within the fault at a depth of 2.5 miles, creating the San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth (SAFOD)
  • SAFOD's instruments
September 26, 2002

PubTalk 9/2002 — Healing the Redwood Creek Watershed

Successes and Failures in a Large-scale Watershed Restoration Program

by Mary Ann Madej, Geologist


  • Can we undo the effects of decades of logging and road-building on salmon habitat and redwood forest?
  • The Redwood Creek restoration program in California--one of the Nation.s largest and longest-running watershed
August 29, 2002

PubTalk 8/2002 — Revealing the Hidden World Beneath Monterey Bay

Explore the diverse features on and below the sea floor in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

by Steve Eittreim, Marine Geologist


  • See---
    • Drowned bedrock pinnacles that provide shelter for rockfish
    • Earthquake faults that slice through the sea floor
    • New, highly detailed views of the