Youth and Education in Science

Other Student Opportunities

USGS Internships and other Student/Recent Graduate Job Opportunities

The USGS offers a wide variety of employment opportunities for U.S. citizens who are recent graduates or current students (including those accepted for enrollment in a qualifying educational program) with concentrations in geology, hydrology, ecology, biology, cartography, chemistry, computer science, and many other disciplines and business fields supporting science. USGS student positions are publicly advertised year round on USAJOBS.

Interested applicants should go to USAJOBS, create a profile and resume, and upload supporting documents such as unofficial transcripts. Job searches can be done by selecting either "Find Internships" or "Find Recent Graduate Jobs" and refining the search results under Department and Agency by selecting Department of the Interior: Geological Survey. For a current listing of available USGS opportunities, visit the following links:

In addition, students should reach out to scientists and career counselors at their school to ask about USGS opportunities. Many USGS offices are closely associated with universities and have ongoing student projects.

Virtual Student Federal Service

This virtual internship (eInternship) program allows college-level students to contribute about 10 hours per week to a project hosted by a participating government agency. Managed by the Department of State, the VSFS program enables eInterns to work remotely on projects all over the world. Since 2016,  USGS has had several virtual internships each year. The annual cycle is 

  • May-early June: Agencies post job opportunities
  • July: Students choose 3 internships and apply
  • August: interviews and selection
  • School Year: Internship - schedule mutually agreed upon by intern and mentor.