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Steering Committee

The USGS established the USGS Collections Steering Committee to advise USGS leadership on the curation, coordination, and management of a full spectrum of collections and associated materials in the conduct of USGS scientific investigations. This committee is composed of collections managers, curators, scientists, and managers.

Officially chartered in chapter 308.76 of the USGS Survey manual, the Collections Steering Committee (CSC) and its subcommittees act in an advisory role with regards to the coordination and management of the full spectrum of objects collected in the conduct of USGS scientific investigations, as well as retained as heritage assets. These object-based and sample collections include geologic, paleontologic, hydrologic, and biological materials, as well as heritage collections of objects and instruments used in research. These collections are a valuable resource not only for scientists in USGS, but also for the greater scientific and historical community.

This Committee is composed of collections managers, curators, scientists, and managers. The objectives of the CSC include:

  1. assuring appropriate classification, disposition, and stewardship of collections;
  2. serving as a voice for balancing funding, storage, and staffing for collections among competing agency responsibilities;
  3. assuring compliance with legal requirements; and
  4. supporting standardized databases for interoperability and access by outside institutions and the public. 

If you have any questions regarding your sample collections, or require assistance in managing collections, contact the CSC for assistance.