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The USGS Land Change Monitoring, Assessment, and Projection (LCMAP) initiative has released its first set of land cover and land surface change science products for the state of Hawaii, expanding geographic coverage of LCMAP products and creating new opportunities for land change research and applications.

LCMAP’s Primary Land Cover (LCPRI) from 2000 to 2020 over Maui, showing an area that was previously croplands (sugar plantations). Over the last several years, the island area has gradually converted to grass/shrub as land uses shifted away from agriculture.

LCMAP Hawaii Collection 1 is the first release for LCMAP outside of the conterminous United States (CONUS). The collection extends LCMAP’s geographical coverage, characterizing the landscapes of the 50th state through 10 science products at 30-meter resolution from 2000-2020.

Hawaii Collection 1 can be used to capture the dynamics of wetlands in growth or decline, characterize the ephemeral impacts of hurricanes and other major storms, track the pace of coastal erosion or urban growth, to monitor recovery from mudslides and wildfires, and much more. While these examples occur within the CONUS region, the Hawaiian Islands are equally as concerned with natural disasters, urban expansion, and coastal erosion. The CONUS stories further illustrate how LCMAP products can be applied to new regions such as the Hawaii Collection.

LCMAP products can also serve as a complement to other USGS Landsat-based mapping efforts, such as the National Land Cover Database, LANDFIRE, and others.

Hawaii Collection 1 data are now available through EarthExplorer, LCMAP’s interactive web viewer, and the LCMAP Mosaic Download site. The reference data used to evaluate and validate the products for Hawaii are available on Sciencebase. The results of a validation assessment for Hawaii (2000-2020) are also available through ScienceBase.

To learn more about LCMAP Hawaii Collection 1, please visit the product page.

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