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USGS has a long history of interdisciplinary research in the Salton Sea basin. Browse the publications below for more information about our research.

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Evaporation and radiation measurements at Salton Sea, California

Evaporation from Salton Sea, Calif. was computed for a 539-day period between duly 14, 1967, and January 2, 1969, by use of energy-budget, mass-transfer, and water-budget methods. The total evaporation computed by the three methods agreed within 5 percent. For computing evaporation by the mass-transfer method, vapor pressure measured at raft stations on the sea was considered to be more representa

Water quality in the New River from Calexico to the Salton Sea, Imperial County, California

The New River enters the United States at Calexico, Calif., after it crosses the international boundary. Water-quality data from routine collection indicated that the New River was degraded by high organic and bacterial content. Intensive sampling for chemical and physical constituents and properties of the river was done May 9-13, 1977, to quantify the chemical composition of the water and to ide

Hydrology and physiography of the Salton Sea, California

The increased utilization of the Salton Sea and its shore for recreation, the development of residential complexes on its shore, and the encroachment of the sea into these developments have emphasized the need for a concise summary of hydrologic and physiographic information concerning the area. This report attempts to fill that need.The report was authorized by a cooperative agreement between the