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Adam R. Mosbrucker

I specialize in the application of geomatics to study hydrologic and geologic hazards.

A Washington State native and lifelong photographer, I love hot coffee, cold air, dirty boots, and a clean lens. Cameras integrate science, engineering, and art, three of my favorite disciplines in one tool. My research involves innovative uses of camera systems, such as generating photogrammetric models of river channels or estimating suspended-sediment concentration with multispectral imagery.

I provide geomatics support to a multidisciplinary science team at the Cascades Volcano Observatory. My work leverages remote sensing, geospatial modeling, instrumentation, surveying, and field sampling to quantify fluvial geomorphology and sediment transport in disturbed volcanic systems.

Serving as the Volcano Hazards Program Lidar Coordinator, I also form local and national partnerships to acquire topographic surveys of volcanic terrain. These data support mapping, hazard modeling, and eruption forecasting efforts.

Professional Experience

  • USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory Hydrologic Technician from 2009–2017 and Geologist since 2017

  • Volcano Hazards Program Lidar Coordinator since 2020

  • USGS-NGWOS R&D Program, SedCam Systems Project Lead since 2019

Education and Certifications

  • FAA UAS Remote Pilot since 2019

  • Certified GIS Professional (GISP) since 2013

  • National Geodetic Survey OPUS Projects Manager since 2012

  • Graduate Certificate in GIS, Portland State University Geography, 2012

  • B.S. Earth Science, Portland State University Geology, 2011

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