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Adrian V Garcia, PhD

Methane hydrates represent a vital energy resource for the future; however, many mysteries remain regarding the complex behavior of hydrate-bearing sediments during production. With support from the NETL-NAS Methane Hydrate Research Fellowship, I collaborate closely with Dr. William Waite and the other team members at the USGS Gas Hydrates Project.

We aim to develop and deploy the High-Stress Triaxial Permeameter (HSTP) to measure hydrate pressure core permeability and compressibility while under 30MPa of effective stress. State-of-the-art geotechnical studies of the depressurized sediments will help to constrain the fundamental processes governing the formation and production behavior of methane hydrate systems.


Education and Certifications

  • Ph.D. (2020) Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, KSA; Advisor: J. Carlos Santamarina

  • M.S. (2015) Geotechnical Engineering, Georgia Institute of technology, Atlanta

    B.S. (2014) Civil Engineering (Honors), Georgia Institute of technology, Atlanta

Affiliations and Memberships

  • Novel Experimental Devices and Numerical Codes

    High Stress Triaxial Permeameter (HSTP) for measurements of compressibility, permeability and relative permeability on hydrate-bearing sediments.

  • KAUST True Triaxial Load Frame (KTT) for geophysical studies on fractured rock masses.

    High Pressure Fluid Injection System for hydraulic fracture experiments.

  • Thermal Resistance Measurement System for simultaneous measurement of thermal conductivity and thermal contact resistance in fractured rocks.

  • Hele-Shaw Cell for the visualization of reactive flow in fracture apertures.

    3D DEM Algorithms for the study rock failure under isotropic and triaxial stress conditions.

Honors and Awards

  • Awards

    NETL-NAS Methane Hydrate Research Fellowship (2020-Present)

    KAUST Fellowship Award (2015-2020)

    Dakin B. Ferris Scholarship (2012-2014)

    General Motors Endowed Scholarship (2012-2014)

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