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Bill Labiosa, Ph.D.

As a Regional Science Coordinator, Bill works closely with USGS science centers, national programs, and external partners to foster strategic collaborative science initiatives and projects.

Bill Labiosa is a Regional Science Coordinator for the USGS Northwest-Pacific Islands region which encompasses Department of the Interior Regions 9 and 12. Bill serves as the Puget Sound Coordinator for the USGS Priority Ecosystem Studies Program and chairs the Federal Science and Monitoring Work Group for the Puget Sound Federal Task Force.

Prior to joining the Region, Bill served as a research scientist with the Western Geographic Science Center in Menlo Park, CA, serving as Principal Investigator for the South Florida and Puget Sound Ecosystem Portfolio Model projects.  Bill was appointed to the Puget Sound Partnership Science Panel in 2009, with continuous service since.

Bill’s early scientific background focused on aquatic chemistry and mineral surface chemistry, focusing on trace metal speciation and sorption studies and modeling.  After working for the USEPA Office of Water, Bill’s research focus turned to the intersection of watershed-scale contaminant fate and transport modeling, uncertainty assessment, Bayesian probabilistic modeling, and decision analysis, within the context of supporting ecosystem recovery and protection efforts.  

*Disclaimer: Listing outside positions with professional scientific organizations on this Staff Profile are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement of those professional scientific organizations or their activities by the USGS, Department of the Interior, or U.S. Government