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Brian F Lantry, PhD

I'm a Supervisory Fish Biologist working across center branches (Deepwater, Restoration and Conservation), supervising employees at two stations: The Lake Ontario Biological Station in Oswego NY, and the Tunison Laboratory of Aquatic Science in Cortland NY.

In my current role as supervisor of the Tunison – Lake Ontario Biological stations I am the administrative lead for 14 federal 10 contract scientists and technicians working on a variety of native species restoration and invasive species science topics. This current position builds on my former role as a Supervisory Research Fish biologist working on native salmonine and coregonine species restoration and conservation while supervising the Lake Ontario Biological Station (LOBS). LOBS is in the Deepwater branch for the Great Lakes Science Center (GLFC) and is home to the 70ft RV Kaho. The Tunison laboratory for Aquatic Science (TLAS) is in the Restoration and Conservation branch of GLSC and is an experimental facility with two large wet laboratories used recently to support coregonine and Atlantic salmon restoration.  The two facilities were combined administratively in the summer of 2022 in anticipation of major renovations for TLAS and to foster synergy between the two offices less than two hours apart in central NY.  The synergy between the two stations will build upon the existing programs and partnerships at LOBS and its access to Lake Ontario and the ability to stand up controlled laboratory experiments at the TLAS. My role is to provide leadership and support to restructuring science staff at both locations, hiring new staff, supporting major facilities initiatives, and fostering a new culture that embraces realignment of the research to support the high priority restoration and conservation science decided upon in collaboration between USGS and the regional management agencies and decision makers.

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