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Bryce A Mihalevich, PhD

Bryce Mihalevich is a Post-Doc Research Scientist with the Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center. He uses mechanistic water quality models to understand the drivers of energy and constituent fluxes in Lake Powell and the Colorado River.

Bryce’s current work focuses on modeling water quality in Lake Powell using a 2D hydrodynamic model (CE-QUAL-W2). The goal of this work is to better understand reservoir mixing dynamics under low reservoir elevations and the effects of climate change and management on the quality of water released from Glen Canyon Dam. During Bryce’s Ph.D. he developed 1D river temperature models for the Colorado River in Grand Canyon and for the Green River between Flaming Gorge Dam and Lake Powell. This work examined the influence of reservoir management on downstream water quality and identified the dominant heat fluxes that control the river’s energy budget as water travels further away from large dams.  

Professional Experience

  • 2022-present, Post-Doc Physical Research Scientist, USGS, Southwest Biological Science Center, Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center

  • 2013-2014 - Engineer I, Air Pollution Control Program, Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Education and Certifications

  • 2022 – Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Utah State University

  • 2017 – M.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Utah State University

  • 2013 – B.S., Biological Engineering, University of Missouri

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