Christine Wieben


Christine Wieben is a hydrologist with the USGS New Jersey Water Science Center.  Christine has worked on projects related to surface-water and groundwater quality, groundwater levels, and wetlands. She has served as database manager for multi-cooperator data-collection efforts and has contributed GIS skills to a number of projects.  Christine spent several years working to quantify nutrient loads to a New Jersey estuary, and to identify sources of nitrogen in the contributing watershed.  More recently, she mapped the water table and estimated a water budget for a coastal National Wildlife Refuge.  For the past few years, Christine has worked with the NAWQA Surface-water Status and Trends team to aggregate water-quality data, calculate pesticide recovery rates, and estimate agricultural pesticide use for the US.  Christine’s interests are in working with data- programming, analysis, quality assuring, and visual display.



Master's- Environmental Studies (Water Resources), University of Pennsylvania, 2007

Bachelor's- Biology and Environmental Science, Boston University, 2000