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Christopher Churchill, Ph.D.

Currently serve as Supervisory Ecologist and Branch Chief of the Ecological Sciences Branch of the Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Started as Biology student in North Texas Branch Office (NTBO) in Fort Worth, Texas of the Oklahoma-Texas Water Science Center (OTWSC) in January 2009. Worked primarily on ecological, biological, and water-quality studies. Started the Zebra Mussel Monitoring Program for Texas (ZMMP) in 2010. Moved to full time Hydrologist upon graduating with Ph.D. Served as Project Chief for several studies including ZMMP, cyanobacteria, nutrients dynamics, and compounds of emerging concern. Served as Biology Specialist for the OTWSC. Served as Supervisory Hydrologist and Studies Chief starting in 2018. Served as Branch Chief of the NTBO starting in 2021.