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Courtney Killian

Courtney is a hydrologist with the Pennsylvania Water Science Center in the Bridgeville, Pennsylvania office where she investigates groundwater and water quality.

Courtney’s current work includes quantifying available groundwater resources with the use of machine-learning techniques to map groundwater quality across an aquifer in three dimensions. This work helps to identify areas where poor water quality may limit the use of fresh water for agricultural, industrial, and drinking water uses. 

Courtney also applies machine-learning techniques to predict groundwater levels through time at ungaged locations across an aquifer. Courtney's research has included groundwater and surface-water interaction studies, low-flow groundwater quality sampling for age tracers, isokinetic depth-integrated surface-water sampling, and nuclear magnetic resonance borehole and surface imaging. She enjoys using R and Python programming in conjunction with GIS to help answer regional water availability questions. 


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