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Daniel Slone, Ph.D.

Dan Slone works with population and habitat data analyses and simulation models, generally with West Indian manatees, Florida crocodillians, and seagrasses. 


Ph.D., Entomology, Oregon State University, 1999 [Ph.D. Dissertation: Spatial Patterns of Predaceous and Phytophagous Apple Mites (Acari: Eriophyidae, Phytoseiidae, Stigmaeidae, Tetranychidae): Intra- and Interspecific Relationships] 

B.A., Biology (with honors) and B.A., Environmental Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz, 1992  


Research Ecologist, USGS Florida Integrated Science Center, Sirenia Project, Gainesville, FL: August 2004 – Present.

Research Ecologist, USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station, Forest insect Research, Pineville, LA: June 2001 – August 2004.

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Entomology/Nematology Dept., University of Florida: April 1999 – May 2001.

Substitute instructor for Insect Population Biology, Ent./Nem. Dept., University of Florida: March 2000.

Graduate Research Assistant, Entomology Department, Oregon State University: June 1995 - April 1999.

Instructor for Map-Making and Orienteering workshop, H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest: June 1997.

Teaching Assistant for Integrated Pest Management, Entomology Dept., Oregon State U.: Sept-Dec 1997.

Assistant instructor, computer and statistical techniques for Computers and I.P.M., Entomology Department, Oregon State University: Jan-Mar 1998.  

Committee member for Ph.D Student, ECOSUR.  2007 – Present.

Committee member and thesis project advisor (not major advisor) for Ph.D Student, University of Florida Entomology Dept.  2005 – Present.

Provided graduate research assistantship, served on committee, and advised on thesis project for MS Student, University of Florida Entomology Dept.  2001 – 2005.

Provided graduate assistantship to MS student, University of Florida Fish and Wildlife Co-op unit, 2002 – 2003.  

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