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Erin Poor

Erin Poor is a hydrologist at the USGS Oregon Water Science Center.

Currently operate multiple long-term, continuous water-quality sites. Responsibilities incl. maintaining and calibrating water-quality equipment, processing data to ensure USGS high-quality standards, and interpreting patterns and trends to better understand instream processes. Coordinate and participate in suspended-sediment sampling efforts during storm-events. Manage and participate in temperature synoptic(s) assessing spatial variability in surface-water temperature in urban ponds. Investigate spatial and temporal temperature and streamflow variation in beaver-effected stream reaches. Collect and process discrete water-quality data, incl. sampling for the National Water-Quality Assessment Program using parts-per-billion protocols; gaging continuous surface water and groundwater data; and measuring bathymetric and surface elevation data using both total station and real-time kinematic (RTK) instruments.

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