Gregory Granato

Gregory Granato is a hydrologist whose research focuses on developing hydrologic software to provide actionable information for environmental decisionmakers. Gregory has worked with the USGS on projects covering all aspects of hydrology since 1992. Before that time he was an aerospace engineer working on the design of the Space Station's water and waste treatment systems.


Software (currently supported):

SELDM Stochastic Empirical Loading and Dilution Model

KTRLine Kendall-Theil Robust Line

Streamflow software

Highway-Runoff Database


Granato, G.E. and Smith, K.P., 2000, Automated Groundwater Monitoring System and Method: United States Patent 6,021,664, 31 p. 

Smith, K.P. and Granato; G.E., 2005, Automated self-calibrating water quality monitoring sensor housing assembly: United States Patent 6,936,156, 9 p. 


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USGS National Training Center Classes:

H1843 - Stormwater Runoff Quality Analysis with SELDM Developed and taught this class in MA(2013), DC(2014), OR (2014), CO (2015), TX (2016), CA(2017), NV (2017), OR (2018), Online (2020).

National Webinars:

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM); Transportation Research Board (TRB) Approaches for Determining and Complying with TMDL Requirements Related to Roadway Stormwater Runoff

Water Research Foundation Integrated Stormwater Management for Highway and Transportation Sector (2017)

NASEM TRB Use and Implementation of the Federal Highway Administration Stochastic Empirical Loading and Dilution Model (SELDM): Oregon and Massachusetts

Other research activities:

NASEM TRB Standing Committees

AKD50 Standing Committee on Hydrology, Hydraulics and Stormwater, Full Member

NASEM National Cooperative Highway Research Program Research Panels

Project NCHRP 25-25 Research for the AASHTO Committee on Environment and Sustainability, Task 119 and 120 Enhancing the International Stormwater BMP Database

Project NCHRP 25-31 Guidelines for Evaluating and Selecting Modifications to Existing Roadway Drainage Infrastructure to Improve Water Quality in Ultra-Urban Areas

Project NCHRP 25-32 Measuring and Removing Dissolved Metals from Storm Water in Highly Urbanized Areas

Project NCHRP 25-40 Long-Term Performance and Life-Cycle Costs of Stormwater Best Management Practices

Project NCHRP 25-53 Approaches for Determining and Complying with TMDL Requirements Related to Roadway Stormwater Runoff

American Society of Civil Engineers Outstanding Reviewer Prize: Reston, 2015 (Journal of Environmental Engineering)