Heather Bervid


Heather Bervid is a student intern on the Geomorphology Team at the U.S.. Geological Survey Oregon Water Science Center based in Portland, OR. During her time at the USGS, she has worked on several geomorphic and quaternary mapping projects along the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. These projects include: mapping and analysis of river impoundment and lake formation upstream of the Bonneville Landslide complex, quaternary mapping along the Columbia River Gorge, geomorphic mapping of Willamette River floodplain features, and lamprey habitat surveys in the Umqua River basin. Her research often includes GIS compilation and analysis of her field findings as well as laboratory analysis of field samples.


Heather began working with the USGS in June 2014 as a recipient of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers-U.S. Geological Survey Cooperative Summer Field Training Program (NAGT-USGS). She is completing her double degrees in Earth & Space Science (B.S.) and English (B.A.) at the University of Washington, where she is finishing up her undergraduate research on the provenance and deposition of glacio-fluvial outwash in the Puget Lowland.